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Worked All Germany (WAG) Contest Rules

Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC) invites all radio amateurs to take part in the annual Worked All Germany Contest (WAG).

The original rules are published at http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/xgdcgr.htm on the website of the DARC Referat DX und HF-Funksport

Contest Period

October, third full weekend, 1500 UTC on saturday until 1459 UTC on sunday.

Modes and Bands

According to IARU region 1 regulations and the experience gained from 2006 and 2007 contests, contesting isn't allowed on the following frequencies to not interfer with JOTA participants:

Entry Categories

Output rating: QRP = up to 5 Watt, low power = up to 100 Watt, high power = more than 100 Watt

Multi Operator: Must remain on a band and mode for at least 10 minutes before changing bands or modes; exclusion: working a multiplicator (other stations may be used besides the main trx for working multiplicators on other bands; that means several signals may be used simultaneously on several bands)

Contest Exchange

Foreign participants can only work German stations. German stations can work any station.

Foreign participants send the usual control number containing RS(T) and QSO serial number. German participants send the RS(T) and their DOK (special-DOK with 4 numbers prefix the first character should be avoided).

 NEW 2009  German stations not being a member of DARC send "NM" instead of the DOK. "NM" does not count for multipliers.

Stations that didn't send a control number have to be logged with "000".

A station may only be worked once per band and mode.


German participants may use the valid DXCC-/WAE-list. Each DXCC-/WAE-area counts one multiplicator per band independently of the mode.

Foreign stations receive one point per worked district (first character of the DOK) and band. When working with special-DOKs the first character counts as well.


German stations receive one point per QSO with another german station, three points with another european station and five points with a DX-station. Forgein stations receive three points for each QSO with a german station. The result is calculated by the overall number of the QSO points multiplied by the multiplicator points.

Contest Certificate

Contest certificates will be available in Portable Document Format (pdf) for printing.


Fouls or unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in disqualification.


Logs have to be sent in STF or Cabrillo format to the email address wag (at) dxhf.darc.de

The submission will be acknowledged by an email robot with remarks to the quality of the log. Be sure to use the correct radio call sign in the subject.

 NEW 2009  The logs are part of the DCL. By submitting the logs the participant acknowledges the contest rules.

Special rules for SWL stations

SWL stations receive one point (SSB) or three points (CW) for each new german station with a control-number and the radio call sign of the participant station. The multiplicator is the sum of each listened german district (first character of the DOK) on each band independent of the mode. Each German station may be logged once per band and mode.

Closing date for the logs

 NEW 2009  The closing date is two weeks resp. the third Monday after the end of the contest.